CNIT 13600

Personal Computing Technology And Applications

This course provides an intermediate coverage of PC technology and problem solving. Topics include computer hardware, operations and ethics, and operating systems and environments. Students will gain hands-on skills with applications such as desktop and file management; word processing; spreadsheets; presentation graphics; and Internet browsing, searching, and publishing. Not available for credit to Computer and Information Technology majors.

A testout exam is available for this course during the fall and spring semesters.  It is usually offered in both semesters during the first week of classes (usually on consecutive nights).   It consists of two parts, a written examination over the lecture material (given first) and a laboratory practical portion over the use of software application packages.  You must obtain at least 70% on each part to receive credit.  You may only take the test once and you may not take the test if you have already received any grade in the course.  See Professor Dawn Laux at for more details.

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West Lafayette