Polytechnic Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors


The Purdue Polytechnic Ambassador program consists of technology students who serve as champions for their major and department, college, and Purdue University. Polytechnic ambassadors can 1) develop their leadership skills, 2) enhance their communications skills, 3) learn the art of networking, 4) educate the public about opportunities in the college, and 5) represent the college at a variety events. 

Other ways to serve can include: Polytechnic recruitment programs and camps, university recruitment programs, campus and community fairs, academic programs, engaging with special guests, information sessions and college tours, and several other activities as needed by Polytechnic departments. All ambassadors complete an application and go through an interview process. If you are interested in applying, pick up an application in Knoy Hall, Room 150.

Purdue Polytechnic Ambassadors

Namesort descending Degree(s) Email
Alia Kabba Alia Kabba Mechanical Engineering Technology akabba@purdue.edu
Annie Jansen Annie Jansen Construction Management jansena@purdue.edu
Bela Cristina Tang Organizational Leadership & Aviation Management tang196@purdue.edu
Brandon Thomas Brandon Thomas Electrical Engineering Technology '20 thoma643@purdue.edu
Brian Tedeschi Brian Tedeschi Mechanical Engineering Technology btedesch@purdue.edu
Emily Hobart Emily Hobart Mechanical Engineering Technology ehobart@purdue.edu
Emily Stoy Emily Stoy Organization leadership/Supply chain management technology stoye@purdue.edu
Erin Cook Erin Cook Animation, Games Design, Web Development cook275@purdue.edu
Grant Thomas Grant Thomas Cybersecurity Thoma646@purdue.edu
Hannah Wever Hannah Wever Organizational Leadership hwever@purdue.edu