Doctor of Technology

Accepting Applications for Fall 2019!

The Doctor of Technology (D. Tech.) is an innovative degree program that will provide vital transformative STEM education and world changing research opportunities for graduate students. In addition to studying cutting-edge content, this program will enable graduate students to effectively address numerous challenges facing business and industry.

The D. Tech. is the first degree of its kind in a tier-one research university. This degree is a research-based doctorate, with predominate applicability to use-inspired basic research and/or purely applied research and development, versus the traditional pure-basic research of the Ph.D. You will be required to complete a dissertation focusing on applied/use-inspired research of direct relevance to professional practice.

The curriculum will systematically enhance your skills to apply heightened technical and conceptual understandings of technology, research and development as you work to develop strategies to advance within your career. The D. Tech. focuses on an in-depth understanding of technology, innovation, and leadership skills of middle and senior leaders. Designed to encompass best practice techniques that can be implemented in business, industry, government and non-government organizations, as well as by entrepreneurs, to solve complex technology-related problems.

The D. Tech offers two different delivery methods: hybrid and 100% online. The hybrid method is cohort based and consists of six semesters (fall, spring, fall, spring, fall, spring) with three on-campus weekends each semester and ongoing faculty contact through online platforms. The 100% online method is designed so you can earn your degree at your own pace, from anywhere in the world. You can complete your degree using either delivery method in as little as 3 years while balancing your professional and personal commitments.