Plan of Study

Students will complete a minimum of 90 credit hours for the Doctor of Technology. Up to 30 credit hours may be accepted from a M.S., M.A. or M.B.A. credentialed program. Additional courses consist of 21 credit hours of core curriculum. The last 15 credit hours earned by successfully proposing and completing an applied/use-inspired dissertation. There are 24 credit hours consisting of electives that are offered by the Polytechnic Institute.

As you complete your first full semester, we'll work with you to establish your individual Plan of Study (POS). Each student’s plan of study will be unique, designed to meet the needs of their individual background and interests. Advisory committees will work with students to develop a plan of study that best meets their individual academic needs and career goals. All students are required to have an approved Plan of Study in order to graduate from Purdue.

The Plan of Study serves as a contract between you, your advisory committee, and Purdue University’s Graduate School. Your POS is a blueprint for successful completion of your degree requirements. The plan must be approved adhering to department and Graduate School policies. We strongly encourage students to have an approved Plan of Study on file by the end of their first semester.

Plan of Study Area
Core Courses 21


  • Interdisciplinary 
  • Concentration/Certificate (Applied towards 24 credit hours electives)
Transfer Credits (MS, MA, or MBA) 30
Dissertation 15

Core Curriculum


Digital Leadership


Technology Research & Use of Data Analytics


Global Supply Chain Management


Leadership of CyberSecurity & CyberForensics


Global Perspectives on Emerging Technologies


Demographic Leadership


Analysis of Research



Transfer Credits

Students may be eligible to transfer up to 30 credits of course work from their master's degree.

  • Consistent with the current curriculum
  • Completed with grades B or better
  • From an accredited institution
  • Transfer credits cannot have been used toward the requirements of an awarded degree
  • Research credits cannot be transferred; only course credits may be transferred

The D. Tech. Advisory Committee evaluates all graduate transfer credits. To have courses evaluated for transfer, we will need an official transcript, the course name/number, and the course description. 


The electives are selected in consultation with and approved by your major professor. Each student is responsible for selecting a Major Professor and advisory committee members (4) based on their intended area of research. The courses may be focused on a discipline or interdisciplinary in nature.

Interdisciplinary: Interdisciplinary concentration allows students to pursue various interdisciplinary courses to strengthen their experience in academic or professional areas that align with career goals. The elective courses (24 hours required) vary from various topics within Purdue University. These topics include Technology Leadership and Innovation, Computer & Information Technology, and available doctorate electives in specific areas.  

Construction Management: The Construction Management Technology concentration provides a comprehensive understanding of construction industry management, technology, and safety. Designed for construction professionals, it enhances expertise through 12 credit hours of specialized courses from a total of 24 electives. Learning objectives encompass financial analysis, strategic planning, leadership application, and legal aspects of construction. Ideal for various roles, this concentration elevates skills and knowledge for success in construction enterprises.


The dissertation demonstrates the candidate’s ability to conduct substantial and significant research in the technology disciplines and/ or related disciplines that intersect with them. Candidates are expected to demonstrate mastery of the key literature in the field and use this to situate the specific project they propose. Students enroll in TECH 64000 Doctoral Thesis Research to complete and receive credit for their dissertation research. Students are required to complete a minimum of fifteen (15) credit hours of Tech 64000, a requirement that is typically distributed across multiple semesters. The exact duration of this distribution depends on the individual student's progress in their dissertation research. In many cases, for those students following a standard four-year timeline, the third year is conventionally designated for formulating the research topic and developing the proposal. Alternatively, for students adhering to a six-year timeline, this occurs during the fifth year of their academic journey.

Final oral defense of dissertation research
Defend final dissertation research before student’s graduate committee.