Executive Construction Management (ECM) Graduate Certificate (Online)

Executive Construction Management Graduate Certificate  | Purdue Online

Prepare for Leadership Roles in Construction Management

Jumpstart your career in construction management with Purdue’s Executive Construction Management (ECM) Graduate Certificate. Combining academic rigor with practical skills-training, these courses will give you a strong foundation in construction industry management. Learn from expert faculty and apply the theories and principles of construction management to effectively lead company functions and operations within your organization.

The Graduate Certificate is comprised of four courses that teach professionals know how to apply optimal management techniques to demanding business situations and make effective company-level decisions. The courses provide a strong introduction to a number of important management issues, including construction accounting and finance, construction law, preconstruction services, risk management, marketing theory and process, and company strategy and leadership. 

Gain Practical Knowledge and Apply it in the Real World

The curriculum is designed to prepare qualified individuals for general and executive leadership in the construction industry, with emphasis on construction operations and company-level management. Credits from the ECM courses can be applied towards the full Master’s in Construction Management (MSCM), and Certificate students meet the MSCM program entry qualifications.

Students must have a construction-related, accredited bachelor’s degree and two full years of professional construction industry experience to apply. All courses are taught fully online by our skilled faculty. This program was designed with professional students in mind and all the skills learned in the Certificate courses can be immediately applied in the workforce. 

The learning objectives include:


  • Gain insights to organizational leadership and management at the executive level.
  • Analyze executive-level construction functions including strategic planning, company operations, and marketing for better decision-making.
  • Understand the competitive opportunities that cutting edge technologies offer smart managers.

MS in Construction Management(Online)

For students who are more interested in a full master's degree, we offer a 100% online Master of Science in Construction Management (MSCM). All 12 credits from the ECM Certificate can be transferred towards the MSCM degree. For more information, please visit MS in Construction Management (Online)