Executive Construction Management Graduate Certificate (Online)

Executive Construction Management Graduate Certificate  | Purdue Online

Prepare for Leadership Roles in Construction Management

Gain the knowledge of the foundations of construction management. This knowledge will help you apply the theories and principles of construction management to effectively identify, analyze, and manage construction operations within your organization.

With a graduate certificate from Purdue University, professionals will learn to analyze techniques for contemporary construction business practices including accounting and finance practice, legal obligations, rights and remedies pertaining to construction company bidding, contracts, and construction changes, risk management, and marketing theory and process.

Gain Practical Knowledge and Apply it in the Real World

The curriculum is designed to prepare qualified individuals for leadership positions in the construction industry, with emphasis on construction operations and company level management. Our flexible courses provide the opportunity to master emerging construction management techniques and gives you knowledge that you can put into practice on the job right away.

The learning objectives include:

  • Learn key terms and concepts used in various risk management arenas of construction
  • Analyze executive-level construction functions including strategic planning, organizational structure
  • Gain insights to organizational leadership at the executive level

MS in Construction Management(Online)

For students who are more interested in a master's degree, we offer a 100% online Master's in Construction Management. All 12 credits from the graduate certificate will transfer to the master's degree. For more information, please visit MS in Construction Management (Online)