Plan of Study

The IT Business Analysis Graduate Certificate courses are offered on a rolling format, 100% online, that lets you choose times for class work and study that fit your lifestyle. Courses are offered during fall and spring, in an eight-week format for greater flexibility, so you can complete the required 12 credit hours in 12 months to 3 years.

Refer to the table below and the POS Overview for assistance on what courses to take and when they’re tentatively offered. For a detailed description of each course please visit the Course Offerings page under the Student Resources tab.

Four courses are required for the certificate program (12 credit hours), all of which may be credited to the ITBA MS degree in the event that the student opts to continue in the ITBA MS degree in the Computer and Information Technology program

Course Name

Credit Hours



CNIT 53000 BAE - IT Business Analysis

Pre-requisite - Must be taken first


CNIT 53100 RMA - IT Requirements Analysis & Modeling



CNIT 53200 EA - IT Enterprise Analysis


CNIT 53500 ABA - Advanced Topics in IT Business Analysis



CNIT 57000 BDA - IT Data Analytics