MS in Engineering Technology (Online)

MS in Engineering Technology (Online)

Utilize Engineering, Science and Technology to Transform Your Industry  

Purdue’s online master’s in engineering technology empowers learners to excel in the intersection of engineering, science and technology. Gain innovative technical knowledge, learn by doing, and customize your degree to reflect your field and unique career goals.  

An Interdisciplinary Technology Degree for Innovative Thinkers  

This degree program is interdisciplinary and designed for students with an undergraduate degree in engineering, engineering technology, science, information technology or business.  Unlike a traditional graduate degree program in engineering science which prepares students for engineering careers, this program prepares students for interdisciplinary careers in a variety of industrial fields, including but not limited to: 

  • Construction Management 
  • Distribution 
  • Facilities Management 
  • Field Engineering and Technical Support 
  • Information Technology 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Quality Control 

Learn Marketable Skills That Will Help You in Your Career  

Purdue University is a leader in engineering technology education, and our expert faculty bring many years of real-world experience to the virtual classroom. This program teaches skills that can be immediately applied in the workforce, including: 

  • How to apply an agile strategy to your industry.  
  • How to solve real-world problems using actual case studies from around the world. 
  • "Smart manufacturing" techniques to analyze data and better manage processes. 
  • How to gain greater control as a technology manager. 
  • How to understand cybersecurity and the internet of things as they relate to manufacturing and business. 
  • How to improve efficiency, process flows and product quality across new and legacy equipment that is interconnected. 
  • How to apply best practices of advanced networked systems that combine sensors, data, models and algorithms. 
  • How to mine data and report valid quantitative or qualitative results to create comprehensive proposals for potential solutions. 
  • How to understand operation and maintenance processes for modern high-performance buildings, including indoor air quality and cost-effective, renewable energy savings measures in commercial and industrial facilities. 
  • And much more... 

Giovanni Salinas, MSET Graduate 2023 Sr. Product Development Engineer, Designlab, Supplyframe, Inc. 

As Supplyframe DesignLab's Senior Product Development Engineer, I turn ideas into tangible products, prototypes, and training programs. From the very first courses I took, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to apply knowledge acquired at the MSET program to my actual product development process, and how academic rigor helped substantiate research, and inform many important decisions. The program was designed in a way that covers many current topics that are explored in depth, with practical real-life examples. Al this is no coincidence as the Engineering Technology program is backed by Purdue's century-long reputation in the fields of Technology and Engineering.


Morgan Montgomery, ‘22 Online MSET Graduate Naval, Planning & Control Manager At Rolls Royce 

My classmates were a diverse group of students in different industries, working and living in different countries. I think Purdue does a great job bringing together an esteemed group of professionals for the MSET Program and is able to do so by creating such a strong online platform for communication, discussion, and coursework. I appreciate the ability to connect and work with team members from across the globe, while still being able to live and work from Boston.


Akeama Hill, ‘22 Online MSET Graduate Senior System Engineer

The MSET program does a phenomenal job of exposing Engineers to being Technologist and Technologists to being Engineers. There is extensive practical training on tools, societal organizations, ethics, global impact, teamwork skills, legal protections, environmental considerations, and the necessary research framework to succeed.