Career Outlook

Careers in EngineeringJoin a Growing Industry 

Engineering technology careers are projected to grow 13% through 2026 and have a median salary of $82,860. Take advantage of expanding opportunities in this fast-growing industry with a master’s in engineering technology from Purdue. 

Learn Marketable Skills by Completing Practical Coursework  

The engineering technology field is growing rapidly, and technology companies want to hire graduates who have experience with pressing technology issues like cloud computing, big data and information security. Purdue’s master’s in engineering technology teaches students using a learn-by-doing approach, giving them hands-on experience with new technologies and the real-world challenges that define technology development and management. Coursework focuses on building useful job skills that can be immediately applied in students’ careers.  

Engineering Technology Employment Prospectus

Computer and Information Systems Managers  $135,8001
Industrial Production Manager  $97,1401
Information Security Analysts  $92,6002
Database Administrator  $84,9501
Industrial Engineer  $84,3101
Manufacturing Manager  $82,9753
Operations Research Analyst  $79,2001
Logistician  $74,1701
Automotive Engineer  $71,3473
Production Engineer  $70,6352

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