Plan of Study: Online MS in Computer and Information Technology

The MS in Computer and Information Technology courses are offered in a rolling format, 100% online. Courses are offered in an eight-week format for greater flexibility, so you can complete the required 34 credit hours (30 if you’re already certified Business Analyst or PMP certified ) in 12 months to 5 years.

As you complete your first full semester, we'll work with you to establish your individual Plan of Study (POS). All students are required to have an approved Plan of Study in order to graduate from Purdue.

The Plan of Study serves as a contract between you, your advisory committee, and Purdue University’s Graduate School. Your POS is a blueprint for successful completion of your degree requirements. The plan must be approved adhering to department and Graduate School policies. We strongly encourage students to have an approved Plan of Study on file by the end of their first semester.

Refer to the table below and the POS Overview for assistance on what courses to take and when they’re offered. For a detailed description of each course please visit the Course Offerings page under the Student Resources tab.