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In computing and graphics, we invite you to create the entertainment of tomorrow, make our increasingly-online world more secure or build the digital infrastructure companies use every day. There's a place for you at the heart of innovation.

We want to give students real-world experience with the digital technologies of the future, not just talk to them about it. No matter where your interests lie — whether in coding new software, working on the web, becoming a vital resource for information technology, making video games and beyond — Purdue Polytechnic makes sure you actually get to those things. Between our state-of-the-art high-performance computer labs and our faculty with decades of experience in the industry of your choosing, you will get hands-on experience doing what you love far beyond the lecture hall.



Technical director

Network Engineer

User interface designer

Systems Security Engineer

Software Developer

Oscar winning Alumni
#4 Information Technology Program
13 years frozen tuition
Faith Spencer

Boilermaker weighs in on how she put her interests on a career path.

As a high school student, Faith Spencer always thought she knew what she wanted to do after high school.

As someone who did well in math and science classes and had multiple Boilermakers in the family, she set her sights on a career in engineering. So it was a natural decision to take part in several summer engineering programs for high schoolers.

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Animation and Visual Effects at Purdue
Enhance entertainment and film videos by combining real and virtual actors and settings.
Building Information Modeling at Purdue University
Use digital models to design the construction of buildings and infrastructure in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.
Computer and Information Technology at Purdue University
Keep your employer’s systems functioning efficiently and their data safe as you manage applications, databases and networks.
Computer Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Study programming techniques and learn how embedded microcomputer systems sense their environments to control the systems that contain them.
Network Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Focus on high-level computer network design with a foundation in hardware and software to manage networks and solve networking challenges.
Computer Systems Analysis and Design at Purdue University
Combine business practices with databases, programming and applications for information systems solutions that help organizations operate efficiently.
Cybersecurity degree at Purdue University
Learn to create and maintain secure networks and ways to track down hackers who aim to breach that security.
Data Analytics, Technologies and Applications
Leverage statistical and machine learning techniques by applying and evaluating database analytics approaches, techniques and tools to solve problems.
Data Visualization degree at Purdue University
Learn to communicate technical, scientific, medical and other complex information in easy-to-understand formats, such as graphs and maps.
Digital Enterprise Systems at Purdue University
Use 3D models, data standards, visualization, and mixed reality to support design, manufacture and service throughout the product lifecycle.
Game Studies at Purdue University
Bring virtual worlds to life in industries that include education, health care, science, research, employee training and, of course, gaming!
Interior Architecture at Purdue in Indianapolis
Learn to create building interiors which improve quality of life, increase productivity, and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.
Themed Entertainment Design at Purdue in Indianapolis
Design and create themed attractions and experiences that will bring stories to life.
User Experience Design at Purdue University
User experience (UX) designers study humans and their surroundings, and design products and services that provide meaningful and enjoyable experiences
Web Programming and Design at Purdue University
Build secure, user-friendly web apps, such as information storage/retrieval programs and financial transactions, using PHP, MySQL and ASP.


Taylor Younkins
Choosing the Purdue Polytechnic Institute created an amazing network of friends and peers that helped propel me to a successful career. The Polytechnic feels like a home away from home, and in this environment I have excelled.
Taylor Younkins
Security Engineer at Apple
Explore Computing Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Computing Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Computing Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Computing Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Computing Majors at Purdue Polytechnic

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