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What if you could actually build technology to make the world better while getting your degree? Our engineering technology programs teach you how modern industries work, but they'll also teach you how to improve on them.

Purdue Polytechnic's engineering technology programs are designed with your interests in mind. To build the industries of the future, you'll need more than theory alone. You'll also need hands-on experience building the tech itself — whether it's manufacturing machinery, electrical systems, robots or countless other high-tech systems. With labs in some of the biggest, state-of-the-art facilities on campus and faculty mentors who will help you channel your abilities into the best field of study for you, Purdue Polytechnic is excited to design a personalized STEM education to fit your goals.



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Keenan McKibben

Creating a career in robotics design through an internship opportunity.

A lifelong passion for STEM disciplines led Keenan McKibben to enroll at Purdue Polytechnic High School. Now a sophomore at Purdue University majoring in robotics engineering technology, McKibben recently interned with Rapid Prototyping and Engineering. The Franklin, Indiana-based company designs and manufactures prototype parts for companies such as Cummins Inc., Allision Transmission, IndyCar racing teams and, occasionally, NASA.

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Aeronautical Engineering Technology Degree at Purdue University
Focus on the design, operation and maintenance of equipment that is essential in aircraft manufacturing and safety.
Audio Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Combine the science of sound and electrical engineering technology to create and manipulate the aural experience in a variety of ways.
Automation and Systems Integration Engineering Technology
Find better ways to manufacture products through the production process while ensuring efficient use of personnel and resources.
Computer Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Study programming techniques and learn how embedded microcomputer systems sense their environments to control the systems that contain them.
Network Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Focus on high-level computer network design with a foundation in hardware and software to manage networks and solve networking challenges.
Digital Enterprise Systems at Purdue University
Use 3D models, data standards, visualization, and mixed reality to support design, manufacture and service throughout the product lifecycle.
Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Combine knowledge of electricity and electronics to design, develop and test life-changing electronic products and systems.
Energy Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Design modern solutions for efficient energy generation, transmission and distribution to industrial, commercial and residential customers.
Engineering-Technology Teacher Education at Purdue University
Become an important part of the STEM education pipeline, providing inspiration to future STEM professionals.
Industrial Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Manage information, supplies and equipment to coordinate and optimize operations while directing people to make products or provide services.
Mechanical Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Design, develop, test and manufacture sustainable products and machines via innovative technologies related to energy, materials and manufacturing.
Mechatronics Engineering Technology degree at Purdue
Focus on the development of the electromechanical products that are everywhere in modern life.
Robotics Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Combine sensing, computing and actuation to design and program robots for manufacturing, AI, healthcare and other applications.
Smart Manufacturing Industrial Informatics
Use industrial IoT, AI, machine learning, big data, cloud/edge computing and mixed reality to develop intelligent manufacturing applications.
Supply Chain Management Technology at Purdue University
Use technology, marketing and business analysis to promote sales and manage logistics of products and supplies through distribution channels.


Monica Robison
Purdue Polytechnic allowed me to pursue my education at an accelerated pace while working full-time in the industry. I would also like to thank my parents and husband for their continuous support, and for challenging me to go outside my comfort zone as an engineer.”
Monica Robison
Service Engineer at Accelera by Cummins
Explore Engineering Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Engineering Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Engineering Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Engineering Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Engineering Majors at Purdue Polytechnic

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