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In a fast-paced industry, the only way to keep things running is to have a solid foundation in strategy, management and leadership. Technology management teaches you to be the reliable tech expert your colleagues can depend upon.

In the technology management programs at the Purdue Polytechnic , renowned faculty will give you hands-on experience with high-tech problem solving at an executive level. Advanced industries are reliant on leaders who not only have deep subject-matter expertise, but also know how to make decisions in a way that commands respect and recognizes the strengths of academics, scientists and fellow employees. Whether you want to be a strategist with a wide range of skills, deep expertise in a specific industry or if you want to work directly with fellow engineers and technology experts, technology management can teach you to be an innovative decisionmaker under any circumstances.



Capital asset manager

Airline marketing analyst

Project engineer

Design manager

Talent manager

Placement Rate
Project-based learning
13 years frozen tuition
Colten Lewis

Successful leadership starts with caring about community

Colten Lewis has always wanted to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and help guide organizations toward success. His community involvement at PPHS and Purdue is already helping him do exactly that.

“I loved leadership roles in my projects in high school,” Lewis says. “When I found out that Purdue had a major specifically for my interests, I knew that was the way to go.”

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Aviation Management at Purdue University
Prepare to manage an airport, lead a team of air traffic controllers, run a company or help set aviation policy in the aviation industry.
Construction Management at Purdue University
Learn leadership and business concepts for construction, renovation or restoration projects and prepare to be an effective leader and partner.
Design and Construction Integration major at Purdue Polytechnic
Combine your appreciation for architectural design with communication skills to learn the process of constructing and managing the built environment.
Human Resource Development Degree
Create better workplaces and help organizations thrive.
Industrial Engineering Technology at Purdue University
Manage information, supplies and equipment to coordinate and optimize operations while directing people to make products or provide services.
Organizational Leadership degree
Organizational Leadership graduates are prepared to address the complex challenges faced by organizations, communities, and our planet.
Supply Chain Management Technology at Purdue University
Use technology, marketing and business analysis to promote sales and manage logistics of products and supplies through distribution channels.
Unmanned Aerial Systems degree at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute
Examine the entire system surrounding the unmanned aerial industry, including design, operations, sensors, commerce and policy.


Chloe Griskie
Not everyone comes into this major with preexisting construction experience, and you gain that knowledge through labs and internships that serve as preparation for a variety of trades. I enjoyed the times when industry professionals came to our courses, and they provided many unforgettable lessons.”
Chloe Griskie
Project Engineer at Power Design Inc.
Explore Technology Management Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Technology Management Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Technology Management Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Technology Management Majors at Purdue Polytechnic
Explore Technology Management Majors at Purdue Polytechnic

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