Solving tomorrow’s problems with innovative, use-inspired research

The research office supports the Polytechnic research enterprise as the faculty, staff and students seek to solve problems and address grand challenges. The Polytechnic fosters a culture of diversity, risk-taking and interdisciplinary collaboration that encourages big ideas and novel approaches. By leveraging our strength in industry experience and applied or “use-inspired” research, the Polytechnic research enterprise has a strong foundation to positively impact local as well as global communities with industry, government, and non-profit partners alike.

Office of Research

Our researchers created five comprehensive research impact areas that stimulate multi-disciplinary collaboration through socio-technical approaches to provide innovative and use-inspired solutions.

Community & Civic Engagement
This cross-cutting research area will highlight the impact and role of users’ and stakeholders’ engagement in sociotechnical systems. By establishing relationships with local partners and focusing working relationships with local community organizations, we aim to empower individuals to identify and solve local and regional issues, engage with diverse communities at multiple scales, and increase civic participation in our research in the short and long term.

Holistic Safety & Security
We will work with stakeholders across public and private sectors to solve challenges in cybersecurity and critical infrastructure that affect global economies, security and health. We aim to enable law enforcement agencies to provide faster, more efficient incident response, to lower the number of cyberattacks and lessen their impact to victims, and to enact evidence-based policies that contribute to safety and security.

Future Work & Learning
We will explore the intersection between learning and work to develop and apply innovative approaches to education and workforce training that empower people to fulfill active roles in society through participation, engagement and entrepreneurship. We aim to empower people for a future in which robots, automation and artificial intelligence will be more common.

Healthy & Sustainable Communities
We work together to develop and apply technologies that support and enable healthy and sustainable communities. Engaging faculty and students to develop solutions within or between transportation systems, the built environment, applied engineering, materials science, Internet of Things (IoT), environmental quality, and healthy living through both detailed and systems-level thinking.

Realizing the Digital Enterprise
We seek to leverage the cross-cutting power of computing broadly, increasing efficiency and intelligence in activities which were traditionally physical. Using computers, process control, automation, sensors, data analytics and other technologies and processes, isolated efficiency improvements have been realized in areas including infrastructure, manufacturing, food services, logistics, energy, transportation and entertainment. We aim to bring more intelligence to our processes, systems and decisions, creating a wholly connected enterprise in which newly discovered efficiencies converge.

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