Combine design and construction with project delivery methods as the construction industry rapidly changes with new technologies and materials.

Design and Construction Integration

The construction industry is rapidly changing. Demand is accelerating for design, construction and project delivery to intersect, as the complexities in design and construction tools increase and rising costs produce more challenges for building sustainable environments. Professional managers with a thorough understanding of the risks and rewards of both design and construction processes are needed.

The Design and Construction Integration major blends design, construction and project delivery methods. You will be immersed in multiple professional cultures to manage diverse processes and vocabularies while showcasing leadership and promoting teamwork.

The major includes courses in interior design from the College of Liberal Arts and landscape architecture from the College of Agriculture as well as all components of construction management relevance with an emphasis on pre-construction planning, materials and methods, and risk management. You will focus on new collaborative delivery methods such as design-build (DB) and integrated project delivery (IPD) to leverage leaner processes between build phases. Collaborate in multidisciplinary teams during project-based courses and a year-long capstone experience.

Meet our faculty, most of whom have industry experience.

Special features

  • Complete 800 hours of valuable construction-related internship experience as part of your plan of study.
  • Learn from professors who have extensive experience in all areas of the construction industry.
  • Pursue a global experience through design studio classes in architecture programs such as the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV) - UPC BarcelonaTech or the Architecture and Urbanism program of the University of São Paulo (USP, in São Paulo, Brazil).
  • Utilize the new project-based curriculum to become a career-ready graduate.

What can I do?

Design-Build Manager
Owner’s Representative
Business Development Manager
Design Manager
Program Manager

Where can I go?

Ryland Homes
Ideal Construction
Pepper Construction
Hensel Phelps
One of my internships was in the community with Habitat for Humanity. I gained experience in the residential space through a remodel of a house in downtown Lafayette, and a new build of a one-story complex in Otterbein.
Schuyler Toth
Building Construction Management

What to expect in Design and Construction Integration

Core courses

CM 10000 - Introduction To Construction Management
CM 11000 - Construction OSHA Ten-Hour Certification
CM 15000 - Construction Management Fundamentals
CM 20000 - Intermediate Pre-Construction Management
CM 23300 - Mechanical, Electrical, And Piping Materials And Methods
CM 30000 - Advanced Pre-Construction Management
CM 39000 - Construction Work Experience I
CM 40000 - Construction Capstone I
CM 43300 - Risk Management And Legal Issues In Design And Construction Integration
CM 45000 - Construction Capstone II
CM 49000 - Construction Work Experience II
AD 12500 - Introduction To Interior Design
LA 25000 - Architectural Design
AD 23000 - Interior Design I
AD 25000 - Interior Design II
AD 28500 - Interior Components And Materials
AD 32000 - Interior Lighting Design
AD 39700 - Sustainability In The Built Environment
CGT 16400 - Graphics For Civil Engineering And Construction
MA 15800 - Precalculus- Functions And Trigonometry
ENGL 10600 - First-Year Composition
ENGL 10800 - Accelerated First-Year Composition
HONR 19903 - Interdisciplinary Approaches In Writing
SCLA 10100 - Transformative Texts, Critical Thinking And Communication I: Antiquity To Modernity
TECH 12000 - Design Thinking In Technology
MA 16010 - Applied Calculus I
COM 11400 - Fundamentals Of Speech Communication
EDPS 31500 - Collaborative Leadership: Interpersonal Skills
SCLA 10200 - Transformative Texts, Critical Thinking And Communication II: Modern World
MGMT 20010 - Business Accounting
PHYS 21800 - General Physics
AD 11300 - Basic Drawing
AD 13000 - Interior Design Communication
MGMT 45500 - Legal Background For Business I
ECON 21000 - Principles Of Economics
AGEC 21700 - Economics

What it's like to be a TECHIE!

The Polytechnic learning environment

Our learning experience is designed to produce graduates who not only have deep knowledge, applied skills, and experiences in their chosen discipline, but also problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills sought by industries and communities.

About the school/department

The School of Construction Management Technology focuses on providing the education and skills necessary to groom leaders in the construction industry. The education and research conducted at Purdue affects the safety and quality of all built environments.

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