Focus on the development of the electromechanical products that are everywhere in modern life.

Mechatronics Engineering Technology

This is one of three majors offered for students who seek to contribute at the intersection between manufacturing, electrical, mechanical, and computing areas in primarily industrial environments.

When you major in mechatronics engineering technology, you will focus on the development of the electromechanical products that are ubiquitous in modern life, dealing with interconnections that allow electronic control of mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems.  

Special Features

What can I do?

Industrial Engineer
Project Manager
Engineering Consultant
Product Engineer

Where can I go?

RZ Automation
One of my favorite things about my program is how classes are structured – not lectures all week, but mixed with labs. This structure builds relationships with team members in class and at the end of 16 weeks you just don’t get a grade. You get great friends!
Walter Kansoriwula
Mechanical Engineering Technology

What to expect in Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Core courses

MET 10200 Production Design And Specifications
MET 11100 Applied Statics
MET 11300 Mechanics Applications
MET 14400 Materials And Processes II
MET 23000 Fluid Power
MET 24500 Manufacturing Systems
MET 28400 Introduction To Industrial Controls
MET 38200 Controls and Instrumentation of Automation
MFET 34400 Automated Manufacturing Processes
MFET 37400 Manufacturing Integration I
ENGT 18000 Engineering Technology Foundations
ENGT 18100 Engineering Technology Applications
ECET 27900 Embedded Digital Systems
ECET 32700 Instrumentation And Data Acquisition Design
ECET 33700 Continuous Systems Analysis and Design
ECET 43000 Electrical And Electronic Product And Program Management
ECET 46000 Project Design And Development
CNIT 10500 Introduction to C Programming

What it's like to be a TECHIE!

The Polytechnic learning environment

Our learning experience is designed to produce graduates who not only have deep knowledge, applied skills, and experiences in their chosen discipline, but also problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills sought by industries and communities.

About the department

The School of Engineering Technology provides degree programs in mechanical, manufacturing and electrical engineering technologies, capitalizing on where the disciplines overlap. The learning environment mirrors the engineering teams most graduates will work in. Faculty research projects provide immediate industry results and help students put theory into practice.

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