Build secure, user-friendly web apps, such as information storage/retrieval programs and financial transactions, using PHP, MySQL and ASP.

Web Programming and Design

Web Programming and Design Degree

A major in the Computer Graphics Technology Program
in the Department of Computer Graphics Technology

Before most web sites and mobile applications are launched, there is a vast amount of planning, programming and testing that takes place. When you study web programming and design at Purdue University, you will gain expertise in human computer interface theory and design, computer graphics programming, geometric modeling, and all aspects of the web development process.

Each web and mobile project has its own set of requirements. Will it need to allow financial transactions? Does it need to store and retrieve customer information? How will it operate on different platforms?

The courses in our web design degree program will help you answer those questions and design a final product that is functional, secure, and user-friendly. From PHP and open source MySQL to the Microsoft and ASP environments, you will gain a broad spectrum of programming capabilities and concepts in an environment which is continuously updated with new technology and software.

A web development degree from Purdue will also provide you with a solid STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and math) through courses including trigonometry, calculus, and physics. With additional studies in economics, statistics, business, and management, you will become the well-rounded web developer that today’s employers demand — ready to adapt and prosper in this constantly changing industry.


What can I do?

User interface designer
Web developer
Database administrator
Web architect

Where can I go?

Rockfish Interactive
Stormfront Productions
Allstate Insurance
I was able to take classes within my major and outside of my major, making me very well-rounded and prepared in the field of technology. I was constantly challenged, but I learned something new every day.
Kelly Tucker
Web Programming and Design
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About the school/department

The Department of Computer Graphics Technology touches all aspects of computer graphics, from animation to scientific visualization, and from user experience to game studies. Research projects on these topics push the boundaries of how the medium can be used, while the variety of degree options to prepare students to be practitioners and managers in an array of computer graphics-related careers.

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