Spring 2021 Meeting

Enabling Successful Digital Transformation: Leveraging Cognitive Diversity

2021 Spring Virtual Meeting

April 22, 2021
11:00AM – 12:30 PM Eastern Time

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At Purdue, we are breaking new ground in learning more about how organizations successfully develop and implement digital transformation strategies by leveraging cognitive diversity. In this workshop we will share with you some of these insights and introduce you to a new tool that will help you better understand your unique strategic contributions to transformation.

Those registering for this workshop will be asked (via a separate email message) to complete an online assessment called the AEM-Cube ahead of the workshop on April 22. This assessment takes only 10 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a personalized report you can use in the workshop.

DEC Meeting

In summary, here is what you’ll gain from this workshop:

Better understanding your unique strategic contributions to digital transformation
Understand your cognitive diversity and how that aligns with digital transformation through real-life use cases.
See how the cognitive diversity in groups, teams, and organizations can be visualized and used for transformation
Walk away with new insights about how you better communicate the value of digital transformation to your team, and leverage their unique contributions toward those goals