SMP Program

Army National Guard and Army Reserve jumping out of a plane

A great way to combine the benefits of Purdue, Army ROTC and being enlisted in the National Guard / Army Reserve is the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). This is a program that allows Army National Guard and Army Reserve enlisted members to participate in the Army ROTC Program while completing college. Upon graduation, these SMP cadets are commissioned as Army 2nd Lieutenants, and can serve in the Army National Guard or Army Reserves in the state of their choosing.  They can also compete for Active Duty if they contracted as a non-scholarship Cadet.

For Indiana residents, the financial benefits of being an Army National Guard SMP cadet are incredible. Your tuition is covered completely, and you receive over $1,200 a month (GI Bill, ROTC Stipend and your monthly drill pay).  If an non-resident student joins the Indiana Army National Guard they would be considered in-state students, and would receive the same financial benefits as the Indiana residents.

In addition to these benefits, there are opportunities to earn an ROTC scholarship which would provide even more financial benefits.  

Contact Purdue Army ROTC’s National Guard liaison, Staff Sergeant Shaun Nelson, for more information on the SMP program. Before meeting with him, please review the information brief here: Purdue SMP Brief

SMP Benefits Snapshot

  • 100% tuition for In-State residents if in the Indiana Army National Guard (State residency granted for members of the INARNG)
  • Montgomery GI Bill & Kicker - nearly $700/mo (only if you completed Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT)
  • Drill pay as a sergeant ~ $275+/mo
  • Annual Training $1,400+/summer
  • ROTC Stipend of $420/mo (for each month in school)
  • Opportunities for developmental schools (Airborne, Air Assault, Mountain Warfare, etc.)
  • Hands-on training with National Guard/Army Reserve Units
  • Student Loan Repayment Option
  • Commissioning Bonus Option
  • Earn time in service while a SMP Cadet (which results in more monthly pay for each month while serving)