Enhance your major. Explore your interests. Make connections to other disciplines and career fields. Purdue Polytechnic Institute offers minors that provide unique opportunities to expand your knowledge, broaden your experience and prepare you for success.

In a globally connected economy, it is more important than ever that today’s professionals adapt to the ever changing dynamics of global collaboration and working in diverse teams. A minor in Advanced Global Technology will help prepare graduates to better understand and capitalize on diverse perspectives in more interculturally competent ways. 

Prepare for a career in the built environment by learning about construction management principles and gaining an understanding of daily construction operations at the project and corporate level.

Expand your knowledge about information technology or dig deeper into a specific CIT topic to add value to your degree program.

Gain knowledge in current and emerging graphics theories and computer graphics technologies associated with design, documentation and modeling in the construction industry.

The Design and Construction Integration Minor focuses on the appreciation of design as socio-technical discipline and the understanding of management of design and construction integration.

Define problems, generate ideas, and fabricate innovative solutions in alignment with your major as you experience the design process from idea formation to functional prototype ready for launch into the marketplace.

Study the lifeblood of today's technology - electronics and computers - using learning methods that help you adapt to and embrace new technologies and their uses.

Study how organizations operate as you gain a solid foundation in leadership that will benefit any career after graduation.

Study current and emerging graphics theories and technologies associated with the design, documentation, manufacture and and support of products and related services. 

Learn about modern manufacturing's use of artificial intelligence, Industrial Internet of Things, collaborative robotics, virtual reality and more. Understand smart manufacturing techniques and technologies that will help you create solutions for improved efficiency, more responsible energy consumption, and global sustainability.

Understand supply chain management technologies - needed to some degree by virtually every industry and organization - as you study the process that takes a product from manufacturers and suppliers to a variety of customers in a global business environment.

Minors specific to ROTC students

This 14-credit minor is designed specifically for Air Force ROTC students.

This 15-credit minor is designed specifically for Army ROTC students.

This 15-credit minor is designed specifically for Naval ROTC students.