Interdisciplinary Faculty

Realizing the Digital Enterprise

Interdisciplinary Faculty

As applied problem solvers, we work toward a common goal: leveraging the digital enterprise to make the world better, faster and sustainable. We collaborate on common goals, leveraging our strengths and developing joint solutions to difficult problems. Our multidisciplinary faculty understand the computational, manufacturing and human factors needed to define a problem, develop a project scope and work to find a workable solution.

Each faculty member on our research team brings unique industry experience and far-reaching academic collaborations from a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • Advanced materials
  • Computation
  • Data visualization & analytics
  • Design
  • Health applications
  • Manufacturing & processes
  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics
  • Sensors
  • Systems & networks

Jason Ostanek

Associate Professor, SOET


Li-ion Battery Safety, Heat Transfer, Fluids Mechanics, CFD Modeling


Byung-Cheol Min

Associate Professor, CIT


Multi-robot systems,  Human-robot interaction, Robot learning, Field robotics, Assistive robotics


Milton Aguirre

Assistant Professor,  SOET


Compliant Mechanisms, Wearables and exoskeletons, Use-inspired design


Ragu Athinarayanan

Professor,  SOET


Modeling and control of under-actuated robotic manipulators, Signal processing, and Machine vision


Lisa Bosman

Associate Professor, TLI


STEM Education -> entrepreneurial mindset, competency-based learning, self-regulated learning, transdisciplinary education, Solar Energy System Predictive Maintenance (Customer Discovery + Prototyping + Commercialization)


Farid Breidi

Assistant Professor, SOET


Extended reality, Digital fluid power systems, Physics-based simulations, Engineering Pedagogy


Vetria Byrd

Associate Professor, CGT


Data visualization


Soowon Chang

Assistant Professor, SCMT


Urban Systems Design, Smart and Connected Communities, Virtual Design and Construction, Digital Twin


Victor Chen

Professor, CGT


Information visualization, Visual analytics, and Human Computer Interaction.


Yunfeng Chen

Associate Professor, SCMT


Human factors, Robotics in construction


Adel El-Shahat

Assistant Professor, SOET


Optimization of renewable energy; Smart grids; Electric drives and Electric mobility systems


Miad Faezipour

Associate Professor, SOET


Healthcare technology with embedded intelligence, Digital/biomedical embedded hardware/software co-designs, AI based bio-data augmentation


Dongming Gan

Associate Professor, SOET


Compliant Robotics Design and Modeling, Human-Robot Interaction


Yi Gao

Associate Professor, SATT


Customer behaviors, Safety culture analysis, and Pilot selection and education

Garcia Bravo

Jose Garcia Bravo

Associate Professor, SOET


Embedded sensing, Flexible structures through additive manufacturing, Fluid power systems

Yi Gao

Nandhini Giri

Assistant Professor, CGT


Human-centered experience design, Design expertise development, Computer graphics entertainment research


Thomas Hacker

Professor and Head, CIT


High Performance Computing, Grid Computing, Operating Systems


Nate Hartman

Dauch Family Professor of Advanced Manufacturing, SOET


CAD, PLM, Industry 4.0, Model-based definition, Data standards, Data interoperability, Digital enterprise

Liang He

Liang He

Assistant Professor, CGT


Fabrication, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Accessibility (A11y), eXtended Reality (XR)


Joseph Hupy

Associate Professor, SATT


Geospatial data collection and analysis, Unmanned aerial systems


Kyubyung "Kyu" Kang

Assistant Professor, SCMT


Digital Twin of Built Environment, 3D Reconstruction using Computer Vision, Scan-to-BIM


Gozdem Kilaz

Associate Professor, SOET/SATT


Liquid transportation fuel development, testing, and approval of biofuels

Garam Kim

Garam Kim

Assistant Professor, SATT


Composite manufacturing technologies, Composite structure manufacturing, Material characterization, Material testing


Noori Kim

Assistant Professor, SOET


Electroacoustics, Acoustics, Hearing-aids transducers, Sensors, Monitoring systems


Tho Le

Assistant Professor, SOET


Logistics, Freight Transport, Supply Chain, Emerging Transportation Services, Network Modeling, Transportation Systems, CAVs & EVs, Human Factors, Travel Behavior, Traffic Safety


Sarah Leach

Associate Professor, SOET


Systems monitoring and control, Computational modeling, and Effective learning strategies for education


Sunghwan Lee

Associate Professor, SOET


Multi-functional thin film processing and (opto-)electronic applications


Daniel Leon Salas

Associate Professor, SOET


CMOS image sensors, Solar energy harvesting, Optical communications and optical devices


Tianyi Li

Assistant Professor, CIT


Human-AI Interaction, Crowdsourcing, Intelligent User Interface


Qingchun Li

Assistant Professor, SCMT


Urban science, Urban resilience and sustainability, Social equity, Urban informatics


Xiaonan Lu

Associate Professor, SOET


Power Electronics, Power Systems, Cyber-Physical Systems, Distributed Control

John Mott

John Mott

Professor and Head, SATT


Acquisition, modeling, and analysis of distributed transportation data


Christos Mousas

Associate Professor, CGT


Virtual reality, Computer graphics, Games, Human-computer interaction

Gaurav Nanda

Gaurav Nanda

Assistant Professor, SOET


Text Mining, Applied Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Safety, Healthcare Analytics, Business Intelligence, Education Technology

Robert Nawrocki

Robert Nawrocki

Assistant Professor, SOET


Organic and flexible electronics, Bioelectronics, Neuromorphic, Functional materials


Brittany Newell

Associate Professor, SOET


Adaptive structures, energy transduction, manufacturing techniques for material sensors and actuators.


Suranjan Panigrahi

Professor, SOET


Smart sensing systems for automation, quality control, detection and diagnosis; intelligent decision support systems 


Romila Pradhan

Assistant Professor, CIT


Data Management, Responsible Data Science, Algorithmic Fairness, Explainable AI


Tim Ropp

Clinical Professor, SATT


Technology innovations for advanced aerospace manufacturing and lifecycle management, safety risk


Abdul Salam

Assistant Professor, CIT


Underground sensing and antennas, Wireless communications, Internet-of-Things


Winston Sealy

Assistant Professor, SOET


Design, Automation, Digital Manufacturing


Wenhai Sun

Assistant Professor, CIT


Data security and privacy, Decentralized trust and infrastructure design, Cryptography, Trusted hardware, AI/ML, Software engineering


James Tanoos

Clinical Associate professor, SOET


Sustainable manufacturing, Student travel pedagogy, Study abroad, Automobile industry


Sudip Vhaduri

Assistant Professor, CIT


Smart Sensing, Mobile & Wearable Computing, Machine Learning & AI, IoT, Smart Health & Well-being, CPS, Audio Analytics


Richard Voyles

Daniel C. Lewis Professor, SOET


Robotics and AI for manufacturing, agriculture, inspection and emergency response


Xiaoming Wang

Associate Professor, SOET


Materials characterization, processing, and chemistry, advanced manufacturing


Rua Williams

Assistant Professor, CGT


User Experience Design, Human-Centered Computing, Science and Technology Studies, Critical Disability Studies, Technology Policy, Research Ethics


Baijian Yang

Professor, CIT


Applied Machine Learning, Big Data, Cybersecurity

Willow Yang

Willow (Liu) Yang

Assistant Professor, SOET


Supply chain and operations optimization: distribution network design, purchasing optimization 


Jiansong Zhang

Associate Professor, SCMT


Construction engineering & management, Construction automation, Sustainable & resilient built environment