Interdisciplinary Faculty

Realizing the Digital Enterprise

Interdisciplinary Faculty

As applied problem solvers, we work toward a common goal: leveraging the digital enterprise to make the world better, faster and sustainable. We collaborate on common goals, leveraging our strengths and developing joint solutions to difficult problems. Our multidisciplinary faculty understand the computational, manufacturing and human factors needed to define a problem, develop a project scope and work to find a workable solution.

Each faculty member on our research team brings unique industry experience and far-reaching academic collaborations from a wide range of disciplines, including:

  • Advanced materials
  • Data visualization & analytics
  • Design
  • Health applications
  • Manufacturing & processes
  • Robotics & mechatronics
  • Sensors
  • Systems & networks
  • Computation

Ragu Athinarayanan

Professor,  SOET


Modeling and control of under-actuated robotic manipulators, signal processing, and machine vision.


Bedrich Benes

Professor,  CGT


Geometric modeling and computer graphics


Vetria Byrd

Assistant Professor, CGT


Data visualization


Victor Chen

Associate Professor, CGT


Information visualization, visual analytics, and Human Computer Interaction.


Yunfeng Chen

Assistant Professor, CMT


Human factors, robotics in construction


Yi Gao

Associate Professor, SATT


Customer behaviors, safety culture analysis, and pilot selection and education.

Garcia Bravo

Jose Garcia Bravo

Assistant Professor, SOET


Embedded sensing, flexible structures through additive manufacturing, fluid power systems


Colin Gray

Assistant Professor, CGT
Champion, Realizing the Digital Enterprise


Critical Theory, Human-Computer Interaction, UX Design, Design Pedagogy, and Technology Ethics


Thomas Hacker

Professor and Interim Head of CIT


High Performance Computing, Grid Computing, Operating Systems


Nate Hartman

Dauch Family Professor of Advanced Manufacturing and Head of CGT


Methodology and process to create model-based definitions and their uses in product lifecycle


Joseph Hupy

Associate Professor, SATT


Geospatial data collection and analysis, unmanned aerial systems


Davin Huston

Assistant Professor of Practice, SOET


Acoustics, audio/video, additive manufacturing, adaptive furniture design


Gozdem Kilaz

Assistant Professor, SOET/SATT
Champion, Realizing the Digital Enterprise


Liquid transportation fuel development, testing, and approval of biofuels


Sarah Leach

Associate Professor, SOET


Systems monitoring and control, computational modeling, and effective learning strategies for education


Daniel Leon Salas

Associate Professor, SOET


CMOS image sensors, solar energy harvesting, optical communications and optical devices.


Helen McNally

Associate Professor, SOET


Microscopy techniques in fluids for biological and medical applications.


BC Min

Assistant Professor, CIT


Multi-robot systems, sensor networks, human-robot interaction, field robotics, assistive robotics

John Mott

John Mott

Professor, SATT


Acquisition, modeling, and analysis of distributed transportation data


Christos Mousas

Assistant Professor, CGT


Computer animation, computer graphics, virtual reality

Robert Nawrocki

Robert Nawrocki

Assistant Professor, SOET


Organic and physically flexible electronics, Bioelectronics, Neuromorphic and memristive systems


Brittany Newell

Assistant Professor, SOET


Adaptive structures, energy transduction, manufacturing techniques for material sensors and actuators.


Suranjan Panigrahi

Professor, SOET


Smart sensing systems for automation, quality control, detection and diagnosis; intelligent decision support systems 


Tim Ropp

Clinical Associate Professor, ATT


Technology innovations for advanced aerospace manufacturing and lifecycle management, safety risk


Abdul Salam

Assistant Professor, CIT


Underground sensing and antennas, wireless communications, Internet-of-Things


Wenhai Sun

Assistant Professor, CIT


Security and privacy issues in networked information systems, cyber-physical systems, distributed ledger technology


James Tanoos

Associate Professor of Practice, SOET


Supply chain management, international logistics, rust-belt manufacturing, sustainable energy


Xiaoming Wang

Assistant Professor, SOET


Materials characterization, processing, and chemistry, advanced manufacturing


Baijian Yang

Associate Professor, CIT


Cybersecurity, big data security, Internet-of-Things, and cloud computing.

Willow Yang

Willow (Liu) Yang

Assistant Professor, SOET


Supply chain and operations optimization: distribution network design, purchasing optimization 


Jiansong Zhang

Assistant Professor, CMT


Automation, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and robotics for construction, artificial intelligence and virtual reality